I’ve uploaded three new bonus tracks to the last Psychetect album Extremism:

“Recalculate”: A new recording using some of the same instruments and effects I used for “Solar Rattle.”

“Perverse Intimacy with the Sun”: A sequel to “Thirst for Annihilation” from Return to the Wasteland.

“Sleeping Demon”: A short remix of “Aqua Demonic Operating System.”

If you’ve already purchased the album you should be able to download the new tracks from Bandcamp. Let me know if you can’t.



My follow-up to Return to the Wasteland is finally out! This isn’t a live album, but it’s based on my live noise performances. It’s just $2 — about the cost of a cup of coffee. You can also listen to it on Soundcloud.

Cover art by Kirsten Brown. Cover design by Daniel Rafatpanah.

My previous work is all available for free from Bandcamp.


From I Die You Die:

We were contacted a few days before leaving for Kinetik by Jairus Khan from Ad·ver·sary. He told us that he was planning a visual presentation for his set at the festival which he anticipated would attract a lot of attention, and wanted to speak to us about it. The presentation related to themes and imagery in the work of two other artists on the opening night Kinetik bill, specifically Combichrist and Nachtmahr. The presentation, which can be viewed here, or at the bottom of this post, openly critiques what Jairus perceives as the use of misogynist and racist tropes in those band’s music and publicity materials. We spoke to Jairus after seeing an early version of the video.

Full Story: Interview with Jairus Khan from Ad·ver·sary

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Sound: Psychetect
Video: Gadgetto
Art: Ian MacEwan

Last month I performed at Rotture in Portland, OR opening for The Steven Lasombras, along with Cult of Zir and Meta-Pinnacle. I had some technical difficulties in the beginning, so you might want to jump forward to about 3:00 minutes in. It’s hard to tell from the video, but what I’m doing is bowing a broken drum cymbal with a cello bow. I have a contact mic on the cymbal, and the signal is being routed into Ableton Live, where its’ be processed through multiple effects. I have some other noise sources running in Ableton as well.

You can download my most recent single here and my album here.

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Cult of Zir Live at X-Day


This was recorded by playing a broken to shit cymbal with a cello bow and processing the output from a contact microphone. The signal was split into three bands, each band with its own effects chain. This produced a layered, full spectrum piece from a single input.

Special thanks to Trevor Blake and Justin Landers.

You can download it from SoundCloud or BandCamp.


Nothing Lasts Forever

I’ll be doing a live improvisational collaborative set with Cult of Zir and Jonathan Christ this Wednesday (1/11/12) at 9pm. It’s a free show, so stop on by!


Psychetect - Return to the Wasteland


<a href="http://psychetect.bandcamp.com/album/return-to-the-wasteland">Awakening by Psychetect</a>

You can now download Return to the Wasteland for free, or just pay whatever you want. Before there was a $5 minimum.

I was going to release a new track today for X-Day, but I’m not happy with the material. I was also planning on making Wasteland free when the next Psychetect album is released – but that’s still at least a couple months away. So, to support your slack, I decided give away Wasteland a little early.

Of course, X-Day is all about profit, so feel free to pay money for it. You can also buy the album from iTunes, Amazon.com and a bunch of other places.

Cover art by Ian McEwan, color by Danny Chaoflux
Sound produced and mastered by Klint Finley

In Pics

Psychetect at the Lovecraft

Psychetect brainbox

Above are two photographs taken by my wife from my recent show at The Lovecraft in Portland. My equipment is inside some light boxes she made with her MRIs.



I’ll be opening for Cathartech from Seattle, along with Sleeping with the Earth, at the Lovecraft in Portland on 4/27/2011.

Psychopomp presents

Wednesday, April 27th

“experiments in entrainment”

Sleeping with the Earth
“death industrial and powerful electronics”

“erecting new psychic structures”

@ Lovecraft
421 SE Grand

9pm 21+ $3


9-11 Paintings for Animals show poster

I’ll be opening for Paintings for Animals along with Cult of Zir and An Exquisite Corpse on 9/11/10 at Autonomy – 316 Nw 4th Ave (near Everette).

Check out my interview with Cult of Zir and An Exquisite Corpse!