Psychetect vs. Skerror: City of Dead Toys

<a href="http://psychetect.bandcamp.com/album/city-of-dead-toys">Unlock by Psychetect</a>

My collaboration with Skerror is out now! You can download it for free at Bandcamp.



I’m playing the second !?mutant!musicka?! at The Parlour on April 15, along with noyouyesme vs. Cult of Zir and youbrokencreature

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And of course, I’ll be playing The Parlour again on April 30th at The Steven Lasombras‘s release party:

The Steven Lasombras release party

Argumentix is playing that show as well.

I’ll do COMPLETELY different sets at the shows, so come to both!


Superfly by Mike Diana

An important question from business writer Jim Collins, as posted at The Art of Non-Conformity

As I was finishing this manuscript, I went for a run and an odd question popped into my mind: How much would someone have to pay me not to publish Good to Great?

It was an interesting thought experiment, given that I’d just spent the previous five years working on the research project and writing this book. Not there isn’t some number that might entice me to bury it, but by the time I crossed the hundred-million-dollar threshold, it was time to head back down the trail. Even that much couldn’t convince me to abandon the project.

Many people, my self included, busy themselves with “monetizing” their art – trying to figure out how to get paid for it. We’re privileged – we have the good fortune of not having our art actively suppressed. Those of us trying to sell albums and paintings aren’t likely to be thrown in prison just for making our art (there are exceptions) Like many artists, I’d love to make money off my work (I still haven’t broke even off the first album yet, BTW)- but of course I’ll keep doing this if I don’t make any money. I hate to get into the debate of what makes a “real artist” but here’s one measure: you couldn’t pay a “real artist” NOT to do their work.

(Above: art by Mike Diana, “the first artist ever to receive a criminal conviction for obscenity in the United States”)


Psychetect release party

(Above: Me playing at the album release party)

Psychetect interview on the G-Spot

A couple notes:

1. I announce during the interview the upcoming City of Dead Toys EP, a collaboration between Skerror and me.

2. I’ll be opening for The Steven Losambras at The Parlour in PDX on April 30th.


Sotantar Simrat Singh - Sun Gong

Sotantar Simrat Singh – Sun Gong

I listened to this all morning. Love it. (Not laying down for the proper “gong bath” experience, but lovely none the less.)

(via Arthur)


Esoteric Sequencer Prototype – Ambient Session from Rick Hawkins on Vimeo.

I don’t have a Lemur, so I can’t check this out, but it sure looks cool.

More information about how it works here.

It can be downloaded from the JazzMutant user area.

(via Create Digital Music)


An Exquisite Corpse

My friend Ogo, aka An Exquisite Corpse, has recorded a new improvised track to welcome spring. Hear it at his new web site.


I found this series of YouTube videos compiled by Unknownmathew22 exploring different types of “dark ambient” music. I sort of stumbled into making dark ambient on accident, so I found this examination of different styles and subgenres helpful:

Dark Ambient, Example: Lustmord
Noise Ambient, Example: Aube
Clinical Ambient, Example: CircumLiver

There’s also some text descriptions of the different genres here.

Four more videos:



Ghosts in a Burning City

After releasing his (excellent) album Ghosts in a Burning City, Josh Ellis did a post summerizing what he’d learned. I’ve found these things to be more or less true, but I have one finding to add:

People will pay more than you ask for an album if you give them the opportunity to.

Most people who have bought Return to the Wasteland paid more than the $2.50 I was asking. (One difference of course is that I was asking for much less than Josh is).

Thanks again to everyone who’s bought a copy!


nightmare kit

Build your own nightmare! The Nightmare Kit sample pack include nearly all the samples used to create both Nightmare Lab and Return to the Wasteland. You can use it to create your own tracks under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus license.

Download from Freesound (free registration required)


Download it here (no registration required)